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    He added that being a YouTuber was "pretty much always humiliating," and directed viewers to his OnlyFans page, where he posts explicit photos of himself and animated videos. The story noted that Kwei deleted a number of posts on the platform after she first spoke with the paper. Long story short: don’t do porn. Clearly lacking the ability to comprehend topics beyond a 10 word headline, these men failed to understand that Mia Khalifa’s plight to have her porn films scrubbed from the internet was directly about the manipulation she faced as a young woman in the adult industry, not the work itself. Oh, the way men love to shame women for joining an industry they consume on a daily basis… Besides, with OnlyFans Leak she doesn’t even have to do anything explicit if she doesn’t want to. It is the story of a speck of mediocrity that mingles in and about matters and people way above him. The story received fierce backlash from critics and the paramedic, who alleged that The Post interviewed her under undisclosed pretenses.

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